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A New Way to Appreciate the Old


From 1935-1944, the Farm Security Administration — Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) undertook the largest photography project ever sponsored by the federal government.  In order to build support for and justify government programs, the Historical Section set out to document America. The FSA-OWI produced some of the most iconic images of the Great Depression and World War II.  Through Photogrammar you can view the 170,000 photographs in the collection.  Using a cool interactive map, you can even search photographs in certain areas and see what life was like in your hometown back in the day.

What is Change?

“Change is inevitable” -Jeremy Amar, Producer

At Dokufest Kosovo, Layla Baraké asks one simple question “What is change?”  Her beautiful portraits are accompanied by poignant statements from filmmakers, directors, volunteers, and audiences.  Although change is universal, it means something different for everyone.  So what is change to you?


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Elena Shumilova’s fusion of natural light and the world around her creates stunning photography that highlights the heartwarming intimacy of children, animals, and their surrounding.  Natural phenomena and the changing of the seasons inspire the Russian artist, who prefers natural lighting as it “…gives visual and emotional depth to the image”.  Her charming collection of photographs is outstanding and accentuates the beauty of rural living.

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and I like you a lot

Inspiration comes from all places – especially a South African rap-rave band’s collaboration with longtime photographer Roger Ballen. The new book “Roger Ballen: Die Antwoord” is a collection of his photos of the band that later became a part of their viral video hit “I Fink You Freeky,” plus an still photography exhibition, plus your subconcious for all of 2012. Henry says, “This is a true inspiration of B&W photography, lighting, casting, art direction, styling, lensing hair, make-up, EVERYTHING. Now I know it’s nothing like what we want to do, but the attention to detail and artistry (freakiness aside) are astounding.” Or maybe freakiness especially?


“It seems I’m filming my life, in order to have a life to film. Like some primitive organism that somehow nourishes itself by devouring itself, growing as it diminishes.” And with that, folks, we are on Instagram. Look out for @henrycorra, @gkilkis, @redactedap, and @joeviolette for the latest in us devouring ourselves.

Picture courtesy of Gulce Kilkis

All we do is win

While most of our crew carries around their Canon 5D’s and C300’s, CFI Production Manager Gulce Kilkis prefers a much lighter camera – her iPhone 4. We love her stills, and now, so do the iPhone Photography Awards, where she’s a 2012 award winner in the Lifestyle category! But the best part about this is looking back at the 2007/2008 winners – cameraphone technology has come really far. In case you’re wondering, Gulce recommends the Pro HDR and SnapSeed apps.

Instagram in Afghanistan

Instagram, with its inbuilt network, ease of use and range of filters has quickly been gaining traction as the mobile photo tool of choice for those about town.  But how wonderful to see it put to such gorgeous and thrillingly unexpected use in a New York Times Afgani photo-spread by Ben Lowy.  The spread documents the everyday actives we tend to forget about when discussing ongoing violence in the region, seen through a lens that feels disarmingly immediate.  More pictures from Lowy’s Middle Eastern travels on his website.