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Do What You Love.

How often do we hear that? Do what you love. Do you ever take it to heart? Listen to Hal Lasko tell his story of how he became a “Microsoft Paint” painter – virtually creating pictures from scratch. Hal began his virtual painting career as he was becoming blind, losing sight of details and instead seeing blobs of color. But in his paintings, you are able to see every tiny detail and individual pixel. And in his eyes, you can see Hal’s deep passion for this unique form of art. Watch this short visual narrative directed by Josh Bogdan and Ryan Lasko.

A Visual Narrative


By Forsyth Harmon


FORSYTH HARMON is a New York-based artist and writer. She’s currently working on an illustrated novel called The Woo. She’s inspired by everyone from William Blake to Anders Nilsen. She spends most of her time drawing and listening to certain songs on repeat.

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Stormy Weather

“Should we take this storm seriously?” I asked Joe, our post-production supervisor while googling the “Frankenstorm” that he had joked about at lunch. Ominous clouds roamed the sky. Winds picked up in the early evening. It was time to get down to bedrock and prepare for Sandy’s arrival. Annmarie, our associate producer instructed us to batten down the hatches. “Gird your loins East Coasters. Duck tape yourself to the nearest building,” Henry announced as he and Sam raced to return to NYC before the storm hit. All of us at Corra Films weathered the storm, unharmed. Our hearts reach out to the thousands of those who were less fortunate.

Like it says

This is one from the archives, but just as a reminder, no.   We’re all for artistic encouragement and collaboration but it doesn’t matter whether you bring us doughnuts, overnight it via Fedex from across the country, dump the file in my inbox or turn up on our doorstep – I do not want to read your screenplay.  Here, screenwriter Josh Olsen definitively explains why.