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From York to New York.

My name is Elizabeth-Valentina and I’m the new intern at Corra Films. I’m a student at the University of York (UK), studying Film & TV Production, so New York’s bustling atmosphere is a far cry from the vast countryside of my campus. I’ve been in New York for just over a week and have spent half of my time in movie theaters, taking advantage of the earlier release dates here in the U.S. Yesterday I went to see ‘AMY’, Asif Kapadia’s documentary about the troubled life of Amy Winehouse, which has broken the record for a British documentary’s biggest opening weekend. Kapadia uses lyrics that she wrote as a narrative map which reveals more about the inner workings of her mind than the archive footage and interviews. The film is remarkable and will captivate audiences, whether you’re a fan of her music or otherwise.

“You’re Not the Only One”

As Joseph Gordon Levitt finishes the first verse of a song, a chorus of hundreds ring out, “You’re not the only one”. Each of these chorus members, whether they’re professionals, amateurs, or just a person singing on their bed, are collaborators on the new show, hitRECord on TV. Though narrated by JGL, each segment is a collaboration of music, video, art, and story by anyone daring enough to submit their work to Levitt’s production company, hitRECord. A counter aptly depicts how many contributors there are in each segment and further promotes the ambition of the project. The collaborative aspect may be different than your average Hollywood production but isn’t that what art is about? It certainly doesn’t detract from the beautiful story about the first time a woman saw the stars nor from the delightful cartoon about Music defeating its enemy, Silence. The contemplative segment on the macro organisms, the Pando Forest and the honey mushroom, brings up a very important question. Human beings are 99.9% genetically identical- so if we’re kind of like one single living organism than what kind are we- the life sucking mushroom kind or the harmonious forest kind?

and I like you a lot

Inspiration comes from all places – especially a South African rap-rave band’s collaboration with longtime photographer Roger Ballen. The new book “Roger Ballen: Die Antwoord” is a collection of his photos of the band that later became a part of their viral video hit “I Fink You Freeky,” plus an still photography exhibition, plus your subconcious for all of 2012. Henry says, “This is a true inspiration of B&W photography, lighting, casting, art direction, styling, lensing hair, make-up, EVERYTHING. Now I know it’s nothing like what we want to do, but the attention to detail and artistry (freakiness aside) are astounding.” Or maybe freakiness especially?

Sigur Rós’ New Experiment

Whether or not Sigur Rós’ experimental music tickles your fancy, one has to admit the utter creativity this project suggests. Upon the release Sigur Rós’ new album, Valtari, they have decided to link up with a dozen filmmakers, each creating a film inspired by a track on the album. Receiving no prior instructions from the Icelandic band, some of the videos are campy and seemingly silly, while others are strikingly moving—all of them, however, are bizarrely paced as they play congruently to the chosen song. ‘The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment’ is a brilliant one as far as we’re concerned, but if for no other reason, check it out to see Shia LaBeouf at his best.

Can you see my Tanlines?

Experimental pop band Tanlines has a new music video, “Brothers,” with a twist – literally. Shot panoramically in a small room, the duo lets you enter the room with them and rotate as you feel. Want to watch signer/guitarist Eric Emm sit on the couch? You can. Feel like watching Jesse Cohen wander around playing other instruments? You can. Want to ignore them and watch a different version of their video on the tv? That too. And the song isn’t bad, either. Check it out on their website here, the first video down.