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From York to New York.

My name is Elizabeth-Valentina and I’m the new intern at Corra Films. I’m a student at the University of York (UK), studying Film & TV Production, so New York’s bustling atmosphere is a far cry from the vast countryside of my campus. I’ve been in New York for just over a week and have spent half of my time in movie theaters, taking advantage of the earlier release dates here in the U.S. Yesterday I went to see ‘AMY’, Asif Kapadia’s documentary about the troubled life of Amy Winehouse, which has broken the record for a British documentary’s biggest opening weekend. Kapadia uses lyrics that she wrote as a narrative map which reveals more about the inner workings of her mind than the archive footage and interviews. The film is remarkable and will captivate audiences, whether you’re a fan of her music or otherwise.

Sabrina’s (not) Goodbye

As I sit here writing my final blog for Corra Films, my head is swimming with all of the memories, experiences, and unexpected adventures I had over the course of the summer. How do I condense into a limited space, all that Corra Films has come to represent to me? I think back to Henry’s advice as I began my internship, “jump in where you see a need, suggest solutions where you see problems, we are workers, not teachers”…I remember feeling more than a little trepidation, and thinking “what does that mean?” And now, as I come to the end of my internship, I recognize that those were gems of advice. The people at Corra were more than receptive in allowing me to jump in, and by doing so, I was given multiple opportunities to learn. I learned a great deal about the production and process of filmmaking, from the intricacies of telling a story, choosing a subject/location, lighting, editing & subtitling, to the practicalities of marketing and promotion. More importantly by being around the day-to-day environment of these “workers”, I learned about motivation, commitment, and balance in life. In my last week, and as a parting gift, Henry was kind enough to take me and the crew out to lunch. As I sat at the table on that beautifully crisp summer day, and talked and laughed with those sitting around me, I felt like part of a family. I want the people at Corra Films to know that I will always appreciate how they made me feel included, and all that they have taught me. By being exactly the “workers” that they are, they turned out to be the very best of “teachers”. Thank you, Corra Films. Though this is my final post, I will be following and supporting Corra Films for many years to come.

Sabrina’s Penultimate Blog Post

It is hard to believe that I have finished my last full week as an intern. The week was a busy one, encompassing a range of tasks/activities. The sign painting I was working on for the food festival took a couple of days. Though this job did not allow for an over abundance of creativity, I spent a lot of time working on making the boards look polished and professional. The workers for the building were very helpful (especially Freddy, who bought and brought to me the paints and brushes I needed). Back in the Corra office, I was busy helping with research for upcoming projects, and Jeremy Meddof was kind enough to come in on Thursday to help guide me through the basics of the camera and mic I was to use to interview my grandmother. I ended up filming her on Friday, and am now mixing the audio and video. She was wonderfully open about her life, and I got some good footage. Having spent that time with my grandmother listening to her stories, I realized what a gift Corra Films gave to me by suggesting that I undertake this project from the start. Everyone in the office has been really happy for me, and they have encouraged me to share the film with them when I am finished. Check in later for my final post, dedicated specifically to the people at Corra Films and what they have taught me.

Unexpected Artistry

As a student with a strong interest in graphic design, I enjoy attempting to create more eye-catching presentations of rote material. When Henry asked me to create a “cheat sheet” of Kosovo for his upcoming trip, I did just that. To the left is one of the pages.  I spent several days researching it’s history, culture, key phrases/gestures, and even traditional cuisine, and I now might actually know more about these aspects of Kosovo than I know about America! In the end, I think I came up with a presentation that is both engaging and will actually help Henry during his stay. The team was very appreciative and encouraged me to use it in my blog. Henry also took notice of my interest in design, and connected me with the building’s landlord who asked me to paint 6 booth signs for an upcoming food festival. They are supposed to be simple signs with the booth’s cuisine country of origin, so I’m trying not to get too elaborate, but I also have no intention of making them just plain & boring. When I’m done, I’ll take pictures and you can decide for yourself.

Publicity in Motion

How do you most effectively reach your audience to promote a product, idea, or event? In the vast world of the Internet, what is it that makes someone click on a link? I’ve thought a lot about these questions in the last several weeks as I’ve watched and been a part of the publicity machine at Corra films for Farewell to Hollywood. Why are so many of my friends and I inclined to click on every Buzzfeed quiz that comes our way? True, through these quizzes I have discovered that: “I attract artsy people, I have a martyr complex, Pocahontas would be my Disney best friend, I have astral projection, I’m 27 years old, and I should change my hairstyle to an afro,” but aside from this journey of self discovery, why do I click there and yet often never read many of the posts on my newsfeed or the random emails from companies asking for some kind of support? How do you make what you are promoting stand out? I have been watching the Corra team hard at work in the last several weeks as they get ready for yet another round of screenings, this time at the Sidewalk Film Festival and at a festival in Kosovo. As I’ve sat putting stickers on hundreds of promotional postcards, I honestly feel guilty for ignoring those posts and emails because I now see how these amazing artists spend countless hours racking their brains on how to really get the message out there. It really makes me respect the success that they’ve had thus far, because watching publicity in motion I can see the company’s true dependency on the audience, and the vulnerability that they’ll always have because of that.

What I’ve Learned so far

You never really know what’s coming next at Corra Films. While I do help with tasks such as disassembling a tent put up in the office, and running standard errands, I also have been made to feel a part of a team in the more technical aspects of the duties at Corra Films. It made me feel included and proud to have been asked to subtitle Farewell to Hollywood, or to be asked to screen and give my opinion on some of their prior films, or to be a part of discussions on methods for promoting their film. So this week, I’d like to use my blog to write more in-depth about one of these experiences, and the learning I am taking away from these opportunities, namely, the process of subtitling Farewell to Hollywood. In order to subtitle this film, I basically spent 4 full working days continuously re-watching scenes. Not only did I have to work meticulously to get the timing of the dialogue correct, I also started seeing the film in an entirely different way. Farewell is such an intense story, but my job made me really listen to the words and not just get swept up in the emotions. While it was difficult to objectively study some of the most tragic scenes, I feel as though I really know the story now. It definitely sparked my focus on detail, and has made me actually want to tell a story. Thankfully I might be able to make that a reality as one of the editors is actually helping me with a personal project to interview my grandmother. I am excited to attempt to emulate some of Henry’s style & ability to really get the most out of the person being interviewed, especially since I consider my grandmother’s story really one to tell. More to come, stay tuned!

One Month in and still Loving it!

If you found my first post engaging enough to return, thank you, and welcome back! Now that I’ve been at Corra Films for a month, I would like to recap some of the amazing experiences I’ve had so far. When I started, another intern named Claudia (a rising freshman at Skidmore) was already working here. She showed me the ropes for tasks like researching to help publicize festival screenings and worked with me in cleaning out Henry’s office — shredding about 7 garbage bags full of old files, pitches, scripts, you name it. Along with completing similar tasks, we also got to take part in some really fun and exciting events. We all cheered on USA against Belgium during the World Cup craze, bonding over some American burgers and some Association football (Wikipedia’s hip term for “soccer”). We also got to help work on a commercial pitch, which involved location scouting, “modeling”, and scooter shopping (naturally the best prop for a shoot). Neither of us had professional photos taken of us before, but despite my nerves and lack of posing knowledge, I thought it was pretty cool. Now, even though I am the sole intern, I am happy to say that valued memories continue to be made, and tremendous learning experiences/opportunities continue to be had.

Hello, from Sabrina

Have you ever been to Wonka’s chocolate factory? A place of wonder and confusion to you, with eccentric workers whom are wiser than you could imagine – and work extremely hard – but that often mask it all with goofy demeanors ? A place that you can see pushes societal boundaries and challenges the pallet. By the end you are so enamored with the factory that you never want to leave. My name is Sabrina Kleman, and I have sadly never been to this factory, but I happen to work at a place I would consider quite similar. I am Corra Films’ summer intern. I currently study Cognitive Science and Computer Science at Vassar College, with other passions ranging from graphic design to contemporary dance, from anime to games (video, card, board, you name it). When given the opportunity to have a blog on the Corra Films site, I was immediately grateful for my somewhat obnoxious desire to document almost every day of my life – whether it be in my journal or pictures on my phone that I keep mostly to myself (though as a youth in the world we live in I will admit to avid instagramming). After all, it was that sly documentation that brings you this small visual glimpse into the Corra Film factory, if you will. For now these picture will remain a mystery as the gates of my first blog entry close, but follow me and you’ll see more of this world of pure imagination.