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Inspiration from a master

We all know the “Herzog voice,” whether it’s narrating the imminent death of a small penguin, answering yet another question about his relationship with Klaus Kinski, or reading children’s books aloud. A Tumblr genius has brought this trope to its logical conclusion with Werner Herzog Inspirationals, a blog of stock images transposed with “inspirational” Herzog quotes. Frame them on the wall, stick them on your desktop, just don’t try to tell me you’re not reading them with a lilting German accent.

photo cred Tumblr

and I like you a lot

Inspiration comes from all places – especially a South African rap-rave band’s collaboration with longtime photographer Roger Ballen. The new book “Roger Ballen: Die Antwoord” is a collection of his photos of the band that later became a part of their viral video hit “I Fink You Freeky,” plus an still photography exhibition, plus your subconcious for all of 2012. Henry says, “This is a true inspiration of B&W photography, lighting, casting, art direction, styling, lensing hair, make-up, EVERYTHING. Now I know it’s nothing like what we want to do, but the attention to detail and artistry (freakiness aside) are astounding.” Or maybe freakiness especially?