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Farewell to all that

We are very excited to release the theatrical trailer of Farewell to Hollywood, coming to Cinema Village East in New York City, Spring 2015, and hopefully many places beyond that. Directed and shot by Henry Corra and Regina Nicholson, edited by Jeremy Medoff, music by Eben Bull. Enjoy!

Publicity in Motion

How do you most effectively reach your audience to promote a product, idea, or event? In the vast world of the Internet, what is it that makes someone click on a link? I’ve thought a lot about these questions in the last several weeks as I’ve watched and been a part of the publicity machine at Corra films for Farewell to Hollywood. Why are so many of my friends and I inclined to click on every Buzzfeed quiz that comes our way? True, through these quizzes I have discovered that: “I attract artsy people, I have a martyr complex, Pocahontas would be my Disney best friend, I have astral projection, I’m 27 years old, and I should change my hairstyle to an afro,” but aside from this journey of self discovery, why do I click there and yet often never read many of the posts on my newsfeed or the random emails from companies asking for some kind of support? How do you make what you are promoting stand out? I have been watching the Corra team hard at work in the last several weeks as they get ready for yet another round of screenings, this time at the Sidewalk Film Festival and at a festival in Kosovo. As I’ve sat putting stickers on hundreds of promotional postcards, I honestly feel guilty for ignoring those posts and emails because I now see how these amazing artists spend countless hours racking their brains on how to really get the message out there. It really makes me respect the success that they’ve had thus far, because watching publicity in motion I can see the company’s true dependency on the audience, and the vulnerability that they’ll always have because of that.