Sabrina’s (not) Goodbye

As I sit here writing my final blog for Corra Films, my head is swimming with all of the memories, experiences, and unexpected adventures I had over the course of the summer. How do I condense into a limited space, all that Corra Films has come to represent to me? I think back to Henry’s advice as I began my internship, “jump in where you see a need, suggest solutions where you see problems, we are workers, not teachers”…I remember feeling more than a little trepidation, and thinking “what does that mean?” And now, as I come to the end of my internship, I recognize that those were gems of advice. The people at Corra were more than receptive in allowing me to jump in, and by doing so, I was given multiple opportunities to learn. I learned a great deal about the production and process of filmmaking, from the intricacies of telling a story, choosing a subject/location, lighting, editing & subtitling, to the practicalities of marketing and promotion. More importantly by being around the day-to-day environment of these “workers”, I learned about motivation, commitment, and balance in life. In my last week, and as a parting gift, Henry was kind enough to take me and the crew out to lunch. As I sat at the table on that beautifully crisp summer day, and talked and laughed with those sitting around me, I felt like part of a family. I want the people at Corra Films to know that I will always appreciate how they made me feel included, and all that they have taught me. By being exactly the “workers” that they are, they turned out to be the very best of “teachers”. Thank you, Corra Films. Though this is my final post, I will be following and supporting Corra Films for many years to come.

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  1. Maryline
    Posted August 25, 2014 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    Very eloquently put… to read how Sabrina took away so many positives from her experience with Corra Films….experiences that will have an influence on how she approaches life in general for many years to come….Congratulations Sabrina… get it!!! Thank you for touching so many lives in such an inspirational way. May all of your future endeavors be filled with only attainable dreams….xo

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