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Have you ever been to Wonka’s chocolate factory? A place of wonder and confusion to you, with eccentric workers whom are wiser than you could imagine – and work extremely hard – but that often mask it all with goofy demeanors ? A place that you can see pushes societal boundaries and challenges the pallet. By the end you are so enamored with the factory that you never want to leave. My name is Sabrina Kleman, and I have sadly never been to this factory, but I happen to work at a place I would consider quite similar. I am Corra Films’ summer intern. I currently study Cognitive Science and Computer Science at Vassar College, with other passions ranging from graphic design to contemporary dance, from anime to games (video, card, board, you name it). When given the opportunity to have a blog on the Corra Films site, I was immediately grateful for my somewhat obnoxious desire to document almost every day of my life – whether it be in my journal or pictures on my phone that I keep mostly to myself (though as a youth in the world we live in I will admit to avid instagramming). After all, it was that sly documentation that brings you this small visual glimpse into the Corra Film factory, if you will. For now these picture will remain a mystery as the gates of my first blog entry close, but follow me and you’ll see more of this world of pure imagination.

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  1. Jeremy
    Posted July 14, 2014 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

    My son read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this year. Still not ready for either film version, he was totally captivated by the book. This urban-cyber kid still connected to the central idea, the corps premise. FYI, it’s not about the chocolate…

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