How To Non-Interview a Film Subject

1. Be the cameraman and interviewer and the soundman all at once.  They feel sorry for you having to wrangle all that equipment and trying to talk at the same time.

2. Bumble a lot too.  This also invokes sympathy.  They want to help you and – in fact  – you really need it.

3. Never ask questions.  Babble about yourself incessantly so your subject can’t get a word in edgewise. They will wonder if you are ok – which you aren’t – and try to calm YOU down – then they will become slightly annoyed.

4. Now a collaboration has begun.

5. If your subject seems nervous drape your leg or foot nonchalantly over a table or chair.  It ‘s confusing (especially to Europeans) but disarming and cute.

6. If this doesn’t work take off your shoes and plop a bare foot right up near them and rub your face a lot– now they are sure to reveal themselves.

7. Once they finally do start talking go silent… don’t utter a word.  Let your silence be deafening.  The pregnant pauses are priceless and cinematic. They will sense this.

8. From awkwardness comes grace.

9. From grace comes revelation.

10. From revelation comes collaboration anew.

11. Never apologize for intruding. Be proud that you are creating a great work of art together.

-Henry Corra

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