One question for…David Greg Harth

Question: A lot of your current projects have to do with experiences (making them, having them, documenting them) – how does that translate to your life? Is everything you do or enjoy fair game for a future project? Is anything off limits?

Answer: It seems a lot of my work requires the participation of someone else in order for the work to exist. It seems like my life has become art. Or art has become my life. I’ve been carrying around this Bible with me for the past 16 years, that certainly has affected my life. When I started the photo booth project last year, I said I would do it for the rest of my life. It seems like everything I do, I do it for art. But I’m sure there are moments when I’m not thinking art-art-art. It’s just rare. Certainly not everything I do or enjoy is fair game for future works. My time spent with family I cherish for myself. My time spent with a significant other (when I have one!) is cherished for myself. But there are things, objects, experiences, in life that do inspire art works. I can’t prevent that. Love and lack of love inspire. The art world inspires. Music inspires. To me, there are no limits. But I would never automatically put another person in an art work or project without their consent. I do respect that.

David Greg Harth is the artist behind The Holy Bible Project, “Every Person I Know and Every Person I Don’t Know,” and more.

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