The “process” of Louis CK

Pretty much the only person our whole crew can agree on is Louis CK (we mostly like him, and are jealous of his $2 million payday last month.) So it was enlightening to find an old post of his kicking around this here internet describing how he went about pitching and writing his Lucky Louie show for HBO a few years ago. He says:

“So you go off and take as long as you need to churn out a first draft. I think this took me a couple of months. Only about three days were spent actually writing. The other fifty seven were spent driving myself nuts while ruminating about what the show is and how to do it. That’s me. Some people write every day, just pounds and pounds of words. I do a lot of work in my head and then just shit it out like fast diarreah.”

You can check out the full essay here.

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