Corra Films is an award winning full-service NYC storytelling studio that creates branded content & feature documentaries about real people. Meet the team.

Molly Ann Walker

Saying or quote you live by?
“Never give up, never surrender.” (it’s Galaxy Quest, shhhh)
First thing you think in the morning?
How many times have I turned off my alarm so far?
I make films because?
The process. I love it.
Favorite artists/thinkers:
Please don’t put me in this situation, I could never choose.

Molly Walker lives in the heart of Brooklyn. She studied Fine Arts at Pratt Institute and holds a BFA in Sculpture. During her time at Pratt she discovered her passion for story telling through the moving image. Following college, she assisted for a number of fine artists and interned for a production designer, as well as two New York based production companies before finding her home at Corra Films. When she’s out of the office she welds, lifts weights, makes costumes, and bakes a damned good gluten-free cupcake.