Corra Films is an award winning full-service NYC storytelling studio that creates branded content & feature documentaries about real people. Meet the team.

Jeremy Amar

Saying or quote you live by?
Find the good and praise it.
First thing you think in the morning?
Does that imply thinking begins and ends?
I make films because?
It’s a wonderful way to connect with people and see the world.
Favorite artists/thinkers:
Albert Camus, Haruki Murakami, Bono, Traci Bui-Amar, Henry Corra, Jeremy Medoff

Jeremy Amar is an Emmy-nominated Non-Fiction producer. He has twenty years experience producing for every screen: broadcast partners NBC, AMC, VH1, and MTV; award winning national and international campaigns for Fortune 50 advertisers (Google, American Express, GE, Mercedes, P&G, Target, Coca-Cola, Accenture, AT&T, …); and advocacy work that includes the most successful stop-smoking campaign (“Marie”) in the history of the NYC Department of Health. He has been the Executive Producer for Corra Films., Inc. since 2006. Together with Henry Corra, Amar has produced two direct for TV broadcast productions, hundreds of commercials and branded content films, and two theatrical features.