Corra Films is an award winning full-service NYC storytelling studio that creates branded content & feature documentaries about real people. Meet the team.

Benjamin Posnack

Saying or quote you live by?
You may see the lightning but you feel the thunder
First thing you think in the morning?
Greet the dawn with a breath of fire.
I make films because?
I like the instant intimacy created through the process of telling a story.
Favorite artists/thinkers:
Still thinking.

Ben Posnack is the go-to man for Corra Films sound. He has been the sound mixer on True Life: I’m Ex-Amish, NY 77: The Coolest Year in Hell and many commercial projects. He has also mixed for The World According to Sesame Street, Buena Vista Social Club, Project Runway and many other projects. He also photographs for Manhattan news site Ben is an alumnus of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.