Corra Films is an acclaimed creative nonfiction studio based in the heart of downtown New York City.

A full-service production company established in 1994, Corra Films is a passionate ensemble of New York’s most innovative talent, under the direction of filmmaker and living cinema pioneer Henry Corra. We’re storytellers at heart who believe in the power of individual experience and remain committed to exploring new narratives in nonfiction filmmaking.

We have produced eight feature films and dozens of shorts that have screened at prestigious film festivals and venues including Berlin, IDFA, SXSW, Silverdocs, Full Frame, DOCNYC, Tribeca, the Louvre, MOMA, and IFC Cinema. Many works have also aired on networks including HBO, Showtime, PBS, Arte and Channel 4, among others. We were honored to be nominated for two Emmy Awards and shortlisted for the Independent Spirit Award. Having produced countless work-for-hire projects and collaborated with the top agencies and brands throughout the advertising world, we take pride in our proven ability to produce groundbreaking and timeless content.

It’s personal. Telling other people’s stories is a responsibility,
so we don’t stop until we get it just right.

Our work is living cinema, no false notes included. Our cameras are always rolling,
looking for off moments, layering elements, and the little gestures that become
important parts of every story. We work in natural and comfortable situations, where the
subjects reach out through the lens and directly connect with the viewers.

Working from the inside out, we forge real relationships with our subjects, connecting in
ways our viewers, though not aware, can directly sense. We’re on a mission to do work
that transforms ourselves, our subjects, and our audiences.


  • Exploratory Filming and Creative Concepting
  • Pitch and Treatment Writing
  • Casting
  • Transmedia Development
  • Grant Writing


  • Budgeting, Planning
  • Location Scouting
  • Subject Background and Clearances
  • Archival Sourcing
  • Travel, Permissions, and Logistics


  • Engaged Conversations
  • Verité
  • Interstitial Image Capture
  • Multi-Camera


  • Online and Offline Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Pro Tools Audio Design and Mix
  • Archival Clearances
  • Music Composing and Licensing
  • Motion Graphics, Titles and EFX

“I’ve worked with a lot of creative people in my day, but none can match Henry Corra’s ability to capture the real essence of something or someone on film.”

Ted Waitt, CEO/Founder, Gateway Computers

“Corra’s work is natural, intelligent, artful and authentic.”

Scott Zacaroli, Senior Creative, Merkley + Partners

“Coalesces into a moving study of the boy, his family and his condition.
The more you know, the more you care. The more you care, the more your heart will break.”

Ron Wertheimer on George, The New York Times

“Whether it’s a factory worker in Iowa or a Fortune 500 CEO, nobody gets performances out of real people the way Henry Corra does.”

Mark Dimassimo, President / Creative Director,
Dimassimo Goldstein

“Our client actually sent us an email, saying it was the best shoot ever. The entire Corra Films team was amazing.”

Tricia Lentini, Producer, BBDO

“Henry Corra pans for gold and finds the nuggets.”

Senator Bill Bradley

“Instantly one of the most moving and utterly compelling documentaries of recent years.”

Collin Parker on The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan, Examiner

“Exquisite, unusual, great.”

Josh Sapan, President/CEO,
AMC Networks and New School Trustee

“Filmmaker Henry Corra followed me through one of the most important transitions of my life. Right from the start I trusted him and that trust is conveyed in the very moving film he created.”

Sam Johnson, Chairman, SC Johnson

“The film has been a huge hit. We showed it to all of our communications firms, and these pros were literally bowled over.”

Adam Coyne, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“A serious talent…he tries it nine other ways and his way is always the one you fall in love with and end up airing.”

Alison Gragnano, Saatchi & Saatchi NY

“We loved your work. It was better than we even expected!”

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Social, Google

“A highly original and structurally flawless collaboration…An
ambitious documentary about an ambitious environmentalist arts
project, “Umbrellas“ unfolds as an increasingly suspenseful drama.”

Howard Feinstein, Variety

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  • November
  • 10
    TopDOCS special event: McKinley Nolan screening & reception
    Picture House, Pelham NY at 7:00 PM
    Followed by conversation with Henry Corra & critic Michael Atkinson. Tickets available here, free admission for all college students with ID.
  • 12
    McKinley Nolan screening
    Magic Lantern Theater in Spokane, WA at 1:00 PM
    More info & tickets via the theater site.
  • 20
    McKinley Nolan screening
    Frontline Club, London UK at 4:00 PM
    Tickets available online, to be followed by a discussion film representative.
Events Pending
Events Pending





Henry Corra, Founder/Director
Jeremy Amar, Producer
Annmarie Pisano, Assoc. Producer

For all inquiries (agency, documentary & other) please message Annmarie Pisano using the form to the left, or email her at annmarie(at) You can also reach her by phone on the main office number.

We offer an ongoing internship program (college credit available). Interested? Fill in this google questionnaire then shoot us a note using the form to the left so we know to look out for it.